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News Room

We are always excited to share updates on Njord Nest, the Nordic start-up competition with focus on sustainability. Vistaprint and Drivhuset partnered up with the main goal of supporting entrepreneurs in building a sustainable future together by providing new tools, knowledge, network and a lot more. 

Congratulations to the first 3 winners of Njord Nest!

They have each won a €2500 cash prize, €500 to spend with Vistaprint and full design service

Vintage & second hand clothing for minis

The future of grocery shopping

From plastic to protein

Our professional design & marketing team is currently working on designs for marketing products, branding and logo-refreshing, 

stay tuned to see the updates to come!

Keep reading to be inspired by these passionate entrepreneurs...

You can find more information on these 3 amazing start-ups below, talking about their ideas, sustainable aspects and their journey and development through the Njord Nest entrepreneur program.

Worn Threads Copenhagen

"Worn Threads is a vintage and second hand universe for children. We sell and rent out high quality vintage garments that are made to last and be worn on repeat. Our pieces only get better with each wear and our vision is to get unused clothing its value back. We want to make it simple and desirable for parents to choose secondhand clothing for their children.

I am passionate about the making of textiles and clothing and it saddens me that this industry is so unsustainable. Worn Threads is my attempt to find my place in the industry and create a more sustainable option. Everything I do revolves around sustainability and it is a priority I will not compromise on.

My name is Fie and I live in Copenhagen with my family. Before having children I worked in the fashion industry on the design and production side. I have been working on Worn Threads for almost 2 years and full-time for a year.

I was keen to learn more and grow with my business. I’m working with ideas to make my business more scalable without compromising on sustainability and the workshop programme within Njord Nest was an amazing opportunity to develop and test my ideas. I am grateful for the network of like-minded entrepreneurs this program has given me."


"Food is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, Not cars, not planes, not our clothes.

Almost 30% of consumers' climate emissions come from what we eat. It is possible to halve that without giving up anything we eat today. But we need to shift the balance. The problem is that a majority of the consumers think it's too hard to make sustainable choices. It’s time-consuming and requires a lot of knowledge. Consumers need help.

FoodFighters is the future of grocery shopping. A marketplace like Airbnb or Booking but for grocery shopping online with smart science-based filters for climate, environment, ethics, price, and health. Enter your shopping list, and we take care of the rest. We automate your sustainable choices - so you can be lazy and save the planet. We call it Sustainability by Default.

The founders Sanna Rosell Ödén and Daniel Gillan met in Stockholm's underground scene almost 30 years ago. FoodFighters is their second joint startup. These experienced entrepreneurs have founded and co-founded seven companies. Daniel is one of the founders of the Swedish startup success, Boulebar.

The vision-driven team has grown to eight persons with the skills and the will to change the world. Their complementary strengths cover everything from product development, AI /ML and advanced analytics to marketing and sales, FMCG and sustainability.

FoodFighters - The future of grocery shopping

With the Njord Nest program, we had a chance to get the best from two worlds - social impact and business development. To be part of the program was like entering an entire ecosystem of driven impact entrepreneurs that challenges you to reach the next level. FoodFighters exist to create a better future for coming generations, thank you Njord Nest and Vistaprint for making us even stronger."


"Norbite transforms plastic waste into sustainable goods by means of an insect-based biorefinery. The selected insect, Galleria mellonella, possesses the extraordinary capacity to naturally digest plastic. Norbite has developed a proprietary vertical farming technology to enable the insects to perform at industrial scale. To produce sustainable goods, the obtained larvae are bio-refined to get proteins, for food and feed; antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) - to fight multidrug resistant bacteria (MDR); elicitors – to reinforce natural plants’ defences and avoid the utilization of pesticides; and even the dejections of the insects are used as biofertilizers, making this process a perfect example of circular economy. Our technology is patented and we have good traction with our customers.

I was always fascinated by the treasures of nature. Nature is always about equilibrium, there is no waste in nature, there is only circularity, the waste of one species is used as raw material by another one etc., etc., etc., this avoids sur-abundance of something and lack of something else. It is fascinating! But here, in our world, we had a disequilibrium – sur-abundance of plastic waste and lack of food and other sustainable goods. It is said that once identified - the problem is half solved! Yet, there was a challenge to link transformation of plastic waste into food and other goods, but here again the answer was in nature – big wax moth, which naturally feeds on beeswax, natural plastic equivalent. So that was it! We had yet to develop a process to allow the insect to perform at industrial scale and to extract the interesting products, but big challenges give high reward! And contributing to the overall good is the highest reward one can dream of.

Nathalie Berezina, PhD, industrial biotechnology professional, with 15+ years’ experience in the field of which 10 years in (bio)plastic industry in Belgium and 5 years in insect industry in France. Nathalie co-authored 30+ peer-reviewed publications and 15+ patents. Nathalie is also used to a start-up environment, as she contributed to the growth of a previous company she worked with as CSO and IP representative from 10 M€ to 0,5 B€ valuation in 5 years’ time, built a multinational multidisciplinary R&D team of 15 people, and managed a budget of 5 M€.

We are certain that our idea is a real game changer and can help to transform the world into a better place, we have the scientific and technological backgrounds to make it happen. However, to make a successful business there is also a need for more business development skills and network, and I applied for Njord Nest to improve these aspects and to help corporate and personal development in these fields."

After flying from the nest

To begin with we would like to thank all of our wonderful Njord Nest participants who have dedicated their passion, energy and hard work into their businesses, always participating actively and enthusiastically in the courses and individual consultations, it has been a true pleasure. Our supportive and highly diverse jury members deserve a big thank you as well, for volutneering to be a part of this experience providing invaluable feedback and insights to each and every one of our participants, and finally choosing the 3 ideas they believed would have the largest sustainable impacts. 

As a part of the prize the 3 winners have each been given full design service with Vistaprint, which is currently in full progress! To start the process we dedicated a design and marketing materials experts to understand the wishes and needs of each winner, brainstorming together to find the right marketing materials, branding and design. After the initial brainstorming sessions, our design experts went straight to work and are currently in the design studio making sure each business gets the best designs possible! 

The business developers at Drivhuset and marketing & design experts at Vistaprint will continue to support our Njord Nest participants on their continued journey, working together towards a sustainable future. 

We look forward to sharing more of this process with you in the updates soon to come, stay tuned!

All the best,

The Njord Nest team!