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One third of couples feel distressed in their relationships. This affects their mental and physical health, both on an individual level and on a family level. Couple therapy today is often associated with the relationship being almost over and viewed as “the last resort”. The team behind Birds wanted to remove the stigma around working on your relationship, and find a way to reach couples at an earlier stage, before the problems grow too big. 

Clara and Helga, the psychologists behind Birds, teamed up with Sofia, who has a background in management consulting, strategy and business development, and Isa, who has a background in product development. Together they founded Birds

Birds is an app couples can use to understand each other better, improve their interactions and strengthen the positives in the relationship. Evidence-based methods from couples therapy are baked down and packaged into smaller pieces of content in an app that's fit for everyday life. The exercises can be done individually or together as a couple. You get the tools and knowledge to improve your relationship— to be seen and appreciated, accept each other’s differences, resolve conflicts and get closer to each other.

—The idea is to make it fun and easy to work on the relationship in a proactive way. And everybody needs to work on their relationship. Think about it as your health; it needs maintenance to remain strong. 

How Birds grew their ideas with Njord Nest

The Birds team applied to the Njord Nest competition partly for the reward at the end, where you get to pitch for a big jury. The chance to meet with other entrepreneurs was another thing that felt interesting. Since Birds is an app focusing on mental health, the sustainability focus felt like a perfect match:

There's much evidence that things in the world aren't really going in the right direction, and we need to find a way to contribute to a better environment, a better community, a better health, a better world. Sustainability should be at the core of all businesses. We´re proud of working with that every day.